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Luis Miguel Gil Olivert

Personal Portfolio and projects

Personal information

Who I am?

I’m an electronic engineer in telecomunications student with knowledge about computers, networking, cloud, programming, lean methodologies, good practices and i’m a “maker”, i love to create new products and services

My interests and hobbies

I love videogames since i was a child, and my life has a lot of content related to it. I love to discover new things and try to learn new habilities ( I have a license to work with drones, i edit photos on my free time and i like to write articles). I love to test new program languages and try to use everything i discover to learn how to use it

Main roles

SRE / DevOps Engineer

Experience with system administration with Linux / Windows / Apple operative systems. Experience with CI/CD, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, and tools to manage services and infrastructure ( terraform, ansible, helm ). Experience with monitoring tools and cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud)


Experience creating APIs with javascript (NodeJS), Python (Flask, Django), Java (Spring cloud/boot), golang, solidity (Ethereum criptocurrencies language). Experience creating Single Page Applications (SPA) using React. Experience in good practices, microservices, and event driven and sourcing systems,

Methodologies / Good practices

Experience implementing DevOps practices, using TDD, BDD, experience using lean startup and scrum, experience with product specifications and implementing unit, integration, and end to end tests. Knowledge about clean methodologies, SOLID.

· My last positions ·


Current position as DevOps Engineer. Experience doing integration of desktop, mobile and backend (cloud) applications on CI/CD processes using kubernetes and Google cloud platform

Saitow AG

DevOps Engineer position. Integrating Java based cloud application with event sourcing with kafka, CI and CD with Jenkins and AWS as cloud partner

Umeme energy

DevOps engineer and full stack developer. Working creating the internal frontends for the company using React and deploying them on AWS


Full stack developer position. Creating APIs on NodeJS with a microservice architecture and event driven operations using RabbitMQ as message broker. Creation of templates for pdf with Puppeteer

· My personal projects ·

Sanberry Cam

Creator of a sanitary device capable to analyze cutaneous and optical pathologies for the improvement of time and treatment of the patients by the sanitary professionals. Won awards on “Universitat de Valencia” innovation program “Motivem”, won as the main project on Santander’s bank entrepeurnership program named “Yuzz” (Currently explorer) on “Universitat de Valencia” and traveled to EEUU to learn about the high technologies based companies on Silicon Valley as Google, Facebook, AirBNB, Uber and more. Created a patent with the invention.


Gamancos was a spanish website dedicate to write about gaming and technologic news and products reviews and articles. We were in touch with companies like BQ, HTC, Microsoft, Intel, Razer, etc. We organised gaming tournaments between different universities to offer the university students a way to enter as players of competitions, and organised 3 tournaments between “Universitat de Valencia” and “Universitat Politécnica de Valencia” finishing the event on the gaming bar “Meltdown Valencia”. Also we covered different events as press (Intel presentations, Dreamhack, Gamergy and create community inside the events creating tournaments and raffles)

· My personal blog ·

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