A little abstract (Part II)

Hi again!

Well as i did before, i will continue with the story of Gamancos.

As i told on the last part, we had an inter university competition and the final was awesome, then we thought to increase our actions on the community, and a new event will be on valencia early, Dreamhack.

The good part about the event was the location ( Valencia ), we need to do less to be inside the event, and we started to participate on the event with the Leage of Legends community Lolesp, thanks to a friend named José Alberich, a player of one of our projects, a competitive team, but the project failed because of the logistics, we couldn’t offer to the players a training team to cover their needs and the teams just dead.

When we entered Dreamhack, our idea was to publish our brand on all the areas of the event, and offer the LAN participants (the ones that play inside during all the event) competitions for fun, and covering the event as press using press passes, And inside it i have the pleasure to meet one of our best supports as the finish. Pedro Ollero (Responsible on Razer Iberia)

Pedro knew about us because we talked with Dreamhack and he was interested on the university competitions, since this moment we met and, although we are a little team trying to do our best, he offered his help forever, thanks to him we met a community named Hands and Brain, On Valencia too, and i stil have relationship with the administrator of the community ( Khoyac ), We don’t meet as before, but we know we can count on each other forever we want.

We decided to work together to realize a tournament inside the LAN zone about the Blizzard game Heroes of the storm , where Carlos (The founder of Meltdown Valencia) support us with merchandising, and , we had problems to start the tournament, but finally we could do it.

As a curiosity, inside the LAN zone there is a chat where everybody can talk with all the participants of the zone, and we made a publishing action inside the chat zone and on every desk of the zone to be sure the event was known by all the people.

When the Dreamhack finished, we were preparing the new tournament between universities to have all more organized than the last edition, and prepare an event with higher resources, but we had problems to obtain support on the different parts of spain to have a national event, at the same time, OGSeries, a dedicate videogame tournaments page, was preparing the same tournament as us with more capabilities, experience and hability, because they were inside the tournaments before starting with universities.

With the mentioned situation, without the support, we did the same tournament on Valencia and generate retention to our public of the last edition, with the idea to use our mediums for publishing events to give events to the different parts of the city. One of the events was a team presentation with Eric Blanco and Alex Pérez, and offered the following event.

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