A little abstract (part I)

Hello everybody!

Well, first, thanks for entering here, either by curiosity, or because you have a few minutes and you arrived here with a random reason, i hope you like all the content i post here.

Second, i will present myself a little bit. My name is Luis Miguel Gil Olivert, i’m an student of telecomunications and electronic engineering on the University of Valencia, before that i did bachelors (here we call them Modulos formativos) related with computers and servers administration, i work, i love videogames, the world of company creation, the Think different philosophy, and i think all my experience can help somebody if he/she finds these pages.

Before starting, i like to thanks Bosco Soler for motive us to create our site, I had a personal portfolio published but use it as a litle window about me to the world is an interesting idea.

For this abstract, i will talk only about the projects i did, and the first one is Gamancos. Gamancos was an idea with one of my best friends and me to use all the knowledge adquired over the years playing videogames( i can remember my plays with my Sega Megadrive and Sonic, and since then i never stop playing), and create something to join all the people that loves the same as us, but we meet more on in forums, or inside related events.

We had the idea to offer to the university students the possibility to play against other students to win prizes and make his university the winner. We started the project with the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic university of Valencia ( Thanks a contact we met, Emma, and having a good relationship over the years, even when the project stopped) inside a project with a lot of problems ( Don’t worry, if you are starting a project right now, you will know) but we could do thanks to the colaboration of brands as the VSGamers shop, trusting in the project and the people inside it.

Today, all the people inside the Gamancos team still be my friends, and the work done with Alberto to do this project was the key to have a meeting a few years later to do the next project (Sanberry Cam).

We met people with common interests, like Carlos, the creator of the first meltdown bar on Valencia, who offered us his bar before the inauguration, (If you are reading this, i’m so grateful for being there all the time the project was up and running)

Well, we did the final inside the meltdown bar, i can remember the mounting and testing tasks for the event ( This day we didn’t eat until the finish of the event), we finished at 22:00, and we have a lot of fun, we offered an event to the community of gamers, the bar was full of people and was a good event.

Well, there will be a second part, but now i will attach one of the videos of the final competition match (in spanish)

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