A little abstract ( Part III – Final )

Helo everybody!

Well, Finally is the final part of this “little” story, and we are going to start when we stop to talk the last time, the events.

When we finished the event, we had multiple possibilities, but the team wasn’t motivated for them, there was a little burnout and this situation makes the process complicated because lack of disponibility of the team members, that made us think about what we could do on this situation, and then the finish started to be near.

We tried to support the proposals made by BTG, but nobody was sure of nothing and we finished without the possibility of doing events and activities, putting us out slowly, since the second edition of Dreamhack, when we tried to do our best since the final to stay on the community.

Inside this Dreamhack edition, we created our personal zone, where to do our activities to our community and have fun with our mates, if Serch or Pepe weren’t there, this was totally crazy, but there wasn’t movement by other teammates.

They were 3 hard days, but i need to say i have a lot of fun during these days because i love what i was doing, but the final feeling was more of a final goodbye than a rebirth. These days i met good people that after Gamancos still have a little zone inside my heart, but i was sad because i knew there was complicated to be the team we were in the past.

On the summer, we decided to stop our news portal because nobody could handle it, and decide to say goodbye to the team, but Serch, Pepe and myself tried to think about new possibilites to the web.

As the final part, i think it’s a good moment to share my thoughts about what i learnt with Gamancos:

  • If you do what you love, and you put your effort on it, you will go as far as you can
  • Everything you think to do, will need a team to do it.
  • Choose in your team people with the same love about the project than you
  • Take a look on the market, and change the mind if needed until finding the good one for you clients or followers.
  • Don’t be afraid to start from scratch if needed, could be necessary.
  • Everything you do, do it with judgment, quality is your best weapon.

I think i’m capable to put more, but just right now is what i think. I think i can finish the Gamancos stage, but i need to say is just paused, not dead, i think it will be nice to recover it, but since this day we will work on other things.

The next post will be about my last project ( Sanberry Cam ), how it started and when we started to think about it as a company idea.

Have a nice day!

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